Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day!

Mine was awesome
At first, Matt and I didn't think we would get to spend the 14th together so we planning on celebrating together on the 13th.
So Saturday, when I got home from practice I went over to the fridge to get dinner started.
Matt proceeded to ask me, "Do you have nail clippers?"
Me: "Yes"
Matt: "Where?"
Me: "Purple bag in the closet"
Matt: "Can you get them for me?"
So of course I am thinking to myself, "get them yourself you lazy ass"
but what comes out of my mouth is, "of course."

I started to my room
opened the cabinet
and there sat a little card

Immediately tears started rolling down my face.

The envelope read,

"MOMO! I don't really need the nail clippers"

and the inside read,

"I love you so much, like I'm in heaven & I've died. I love you where the cat likes to hide. (that's a hint) Hugs!"

And right behind the card lay a box from the local bakery with two little heart shaped cakes that read "I Love You" across them.

I was so excited and surprised

A Scavenger Hunt!

I went to our kitty's favorite hiding spot. Inside the suitcase next to the sofa lay another little note that read,

"Apple of My Eye!"

Inside read,

"I'll love you till we're gray & old. I love you in the coldest cold. Tisses!!"

Next stop, the freezer.

A frozen little card was propped up against the Ben & Jerry's Phish Food container which read,

"Wind Beneath My Wings"

Inside read,

"I love you louder than a loud cow's moo, I love you behind where you poo! XOXO"


Exactly, I found the next envelope behind the pooper which read,

"Sugar To My Banana Bread!"


"I love you in spite of your stinky feet. I love you above the hottest heat!"

This one stumped me, I went looking everywhere:
above the heaters
on top of the cabinets over the stove
the shower

and then I remembered I checked above the cabinets over the stove but not in them!

Matt had to play a little hot & cold with me in order for me to figure it out.

Anyways, I opened the cabinet and there lay the last card propped up against a huge bouquet of red roses. The card read,

"Love of My Life"


You're amazing & I love you more each day! I hope you liked my special way; I just wanted to say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Lots of love, Maffew!"

Let me just say this was by far the most adorable thing anyone has ever done for me.
I was and still am all smiles.

So our night continued with me on cloud 9 and Matt oh so very proud of his little Valentine's gift.

We thought the best way to spend the rest our Valentine's Day together would be with a homemade pizza topped with pineapple, ham, and lots of cheese, the two little heart cakes for dessert with some fresh cut strawberries, and a night full of games (namely Monopoly Deal).

I thought last years Valentine's Day was going to be hard to beat. We went and saw Bill Cosby and had dinner at a locals only restaurant in Oakland which had a live jazz band. Not to mention we were the only white people in the restaurant and the only people dressed without fur accessories, top hats, pimp canes, and snake skinned shoes.
We had such a fabulous time; but I must admit that this year is definitely a strong contender with last year.