Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't Laugh At Me

My birthday was fabulous and full of flowers!

When I returned from the grocery store early in the morning, I was greeted with a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a coupon for a massage (by my man) and a mani/pedi (by someone who actually knows what they are doing) and some of my favorite pastries from the local bakery. It was such an awesome way to start my birthday morning.

Then about an hour later I get a BZZZZZZZZZ from my doorbell. I let the person in and they come walking up the stairs with, what do ya know, another bouquet of flowers.

I was so surprised and started asking this Greek lady, who spoke zero English, who they were from and she just smiled at me crookedly and nodded.

I opened the card and read under my breath, "Happy Birthday! Love, Mum and Dad." Automatically I started laughing because the card said Mum. Then my laughing quickly turned into sobbing because I forgot how much I desperately missed the two who gave birth to me.

Little did I know Matt was in cahoots with my parents on this one and documented the whole thing via photographs. So since I love to embarrass myself, I am going to post the sequence of pictures from when I got these flowers.


hahaha ohhh me. You're just too much.

I miss you Mum and Dad!!!