Thursday, February 23, 2012

Right across the street from my place there sits a Krispy Kreme, tall and decorated in it's white and green and it tortures me with this stupid little light that comes on when the conveyer belt inside is loaded with fresh, warm doughnuts.  It broadcasts the news with the letters 
brightly lit in red hoping to have the same effect on humans as the mosquito lamps have on poor passerby bugs who become mesmerized by the bright light and before they know know how the story ends.  This "HOT" light shines so bright that our kitchen glows in a deep red when the little trolls inside this building turn it on and slowly we sit in the window and watch the line grow out the drive-through lane, around the corner through the parking lot and out onto the main road.  Each car pulls in adding more and more length to this line of heart failure and diabetes.
I often times see the red light come on and find myself floating towards my keys and out the door, down the elevator until I realize what i'm doing.  
I admit that I have fallen victim 3 times but for me, being a sugar fanatic, 3 times is a victory in my book.....even if I got 1 dozen every time.
But who's counting?