Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Los Angeles Mayhem

I have no idea how I am alive right now. This past Saturday was my bachelorette party up in L.A. All of my bridesmaids came which was incredible. Even the out-of-towners! The day was amazing minus the fact that I was basically on my death bed coughing up every type of flemmy matter that resided in my throat and my face felt like it was going to explode due to the massive amount of pressure in my sinuses. But hey, you only get one bachelorette party right? So I sucked it up, threw on my cute little Ralph Lauren bathing suit and accessorized with a huge black hat and sun glasses and plopped my sick butt down onto a big bed next to the beautiful pool at the Mondrian in West Hollywood.
Later that evening we got ready, sat around, told stories and played shockingly inappropriate games of Would You Rather?

We then set out to hit the town and started our night at Skybar which is right across the street from Ashton Kutcher's Sushi Restaurant Katana. After about an hour we decided to go to Drai's which was my favorite spot of the night. It was beautiful not to mention we somehow got free bottle service.
Next stop: Voyeur.
This is when our night took a turn for the worst. We waited outside of this club for about 20 minutes before we got inside the front doors which then took another 20 minutes to get to the dance floor because of the large amount of people. Once we turned to get into the center of the club, we were greeted by two topless dancers.
Camilla and I quickly gathered those who wanted to leave and cut our night a little short. Or so we thought.
Once we were cuddled up in bed back in our incredible room chowing down on cupcakes and Taco Bell, we got a phone call from Cassy back at Voyeur, "Lindsey was rufied by some midget, ankle biting, has-been actor. I'm taking her to the hospital." So off to the hospital we go.
I don't think this is how we planned on spending our night but I must say we came away with some great stories so all in all I would deem this bachelorette party a success.

I am beyond blessed to have these people in my life who would go through all of this trouble to help me celebrate my upcoming wedding....
...which is in 70 days!...