Tuesday, August 31, 2010

World's Worst Housewife

Okay, well maybe not that bad.
But I did make a four course dinner tonight!
We started with the veggies
Then had rice with a little BBQ sauce
Moved onto the applesauce
And the chicken is still in the oven.
So I guess we are still on course number three since the chicken is still frozen.
So technically it should have just been one meal but my timing is just a tad bit off.


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I Think He Read My Blog


Happy One Month Anniversary!

I did it!
Well, WE did it!
We really did it!
Today is Matthew's and my one month wedding anniversary!
I bought him a big boy's BBQ yesterday but I don't think he really got the idea that it was for the one month wedding anniversary. 
He even admitted to not being excited about it!  The nerve!

Well pshhh, I am excited about it!  So forget him.
Honestly, I don't think he even realizes we have been married for a month....shoot, I don't even think he realized he married me at all.
I'm maybe kind of hoping Matt comes home with something pretty like this for me.
Well lucky for me it happened whether or not he realizes it.  And lucky for me our one month anniversary falls on our weekly date night (which I highly recommend to all you serious couples out there) so we will get to celebrate this special day even if Matt is so confused as to why I am so excited about tonight's date night.
I think I'm going to BBQ!



Such a successful day.
Had a callback this morning for Old Navy and then meandered on over to Wasserman Media Group for another meeting.
It's incredible how other people's moods can seriously alter mine.  I got to interact with so many happy people today which just put the biggest smile on my face.  I now feel super motivated.  Almost like I should go help someone out.
Anyone need any help?
But other than that I feel like I can finally breathe considering the last few days have been super busy.

I got to work all weekend which was a blessing but totally exhausting.  I met some really cool people at the shoots who could potentially be awesome friends.  It's so exciting to meet quality people in Los Angeles.  I wish it occurred more often.
Not to mention one of the girls had the most incredibly teeth I have ever seen!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dirty Humor

He is such a smart kid with incredible entrepreneurial talent and brains and then creates something like this.

It's like that site Texts From Last Night but guys and girls in the Greek systems can posts their jaw dropping emails containing very explicit material.

Bravo little brother.

This is probably not anything us girls would enjoy reading but I am sure most of our husbands and boyfriends would get a good laugh.

Found My Sunglasses!!!!

Now where oh where is my ipod?

True Fact*

A healthy waist line should be half of your height.

Sorry Sorry Sorry!

Yesterday was such a long day.
And a sad one...
I lost my ipod touch which had Lose It to help me with my diet
so needless to say I have no idea what I ate yesterday and ended up at 165 again today after being down at 163 yesterday.  Super sad face right now.

Bron Bron wasn't at the shoot.
But it did go really well and I found out yesterday that I booked the Mizuno Shoot!
Thank you to everyone who has been sending me the awesome good luck vibes.  I really appreciate it!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Day In The Life Of Morgan Beck

Now wouldn't it be really cool if this actually was an average day?  Ha, too bad this is going to be a really fun, abnormal day in the life of Morgan Beck.
Heading up to L.A. again tomorrow to shoot a Nike commercial.  Did I mention how ridiculously excited I am about this and there is a pretty strong chance LeBron James will be there shooting with us?
He's clearly going to be an extra.
Call time starts right after my casting call for 
Old Navy!
Creepy mannequins OUT!  Real human beings IN!
Wish me luck!

Also leave some love with your thoughts on my husband getting into this business.  I think he would kick some serious toosh but he has his doubts.  Stupid doubts of course but he is entitled to his opinion even if it's wrong.
I mean come on!!  His eyebrows alone scream dead sexy!

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Day #1 down
and before you tell me I didn't eat enough yesterday...I already know
Today might even been worse with the amount of food intake.  I'm seriously crazy busy.
I am also reneging my promise to post calories/carbs/fat
It's just too difficult so I will stick to just calories.  But I will add my exercise.

8:15 grapefruit 120 calories

9:00 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga

10:45 Muscle Milk Protein Shake 140 calories
(the best!)

11:00 25 minutes cardio + 15 minutes weights

1:00 Seared ahi tuna salad with avacado, potatoes, and cucumbers 378 calories
2 cups of coffee with 1 cup skim milk 108 calories

3:25 8 pieces of licorice 280 calories

4:45 5 spoonfuls of Matt's fruit smoothie 31 calories

6:00 10 Blue Diamond JalapeƱo Smokehouse Almonds 61 calories
(most incredible snack ever!) 

7:45 1 large nectarine 79 calories
1/2 small chicken breast 25 calories

8:15 1 small chicken breast 50 calories
3/4 cup steamed broccoli 33 calories

Total Number of Calories Consumed

Total Number of Calories Burned

Net Calories

Resulting in the scaling reading 165lbs this morning!
We're going in the right direction.

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The Secret To Beauty In Magazines

Some Really Weird Things Make Me Happy

For example...

Monkey and mouser

A wild monkey has adopted an abandoned kitten and is caring for it as his own. The long-tailed macaque monkey was spotted in a forest in the Ubud region of Bali, Indonesia, protectively nuzzling and grooming the kitten.
Call me weird but this just makes me smile.
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Wish Me Luck!

I have a callback today for Mizuno.
I could really use some good luck vibes.
Not to mention there might be something extra with a Nike commercial today that I would love to get.
Just like Camilla said....
Everyone can always use a little bit of luck.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Matt Made Me Take Down His Picture So I Leave You With This....

I miss my little kitty cat.  My parents have kitty-napped her and refuse to give her back.
I think it's time for mission B&E retrieve Olive.


Officially one of the greatest stores ever.
Got to do a little shopping at lulu with my daddy today after lunch.  Figured I should load up on yoga gear since I'm turning into an avid yoga'er. (2 days in a row!)
He even lucked out and got a pair of super cool, young dude shorts.
I got a pair of these groove pant lulus.  Super excited about them since I have been on a purple craze for a few months.
I really really wanted one of these sports bras.
Ever since I bought one a few months ago I have been madly in love with it.  I'll even put it on again if it's sweaty. 
Small exaggeration but I seriously LOVE it that much
Unfortunately they no longer carry them.  Such a sad day.
And a pair of these handy dandy running shorts that are oh so cute in purple.
I'm a happy camper!

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Insurmountable Power Of Food Or Lack of Discipline?....Definitely Power Of Food

Everything that I see that is edible wears a large sign that says, "EAT ME!" in bright red letters.
And then when you flip over the little sign it reads, "ALL OF ME!"
And what do I do?
even if I don't like it.
If it has sugar on it, I will put it in my mouth and swallow
resulting in 4000 calorie days and levels of saturated fat I prefer not to count.

Call it a problem because it is.

So here is my plan of attack.
I am going back to my Lose It program on my iPhone.
I am logging everything I eat and the times I eat it
I'm going to try my absolute hardest to stay away from crap food and focus on eating more protein and complex carbs.
we're about to get very personal
....every morning I will post everything I ate the day before on my blog with the time I ate it and the number of 
along with what I weigh in at each day.
I'm cringing at the thought of sharing those numbers with you all but I am slightly relieved that not many people follow my blog.
My starting weight is 168 which is depressing because I was 160 on my wedding day
It only took 3 weeks
Wish me luck!

Body By Bikram

I hated it!  It was so hot and so uncomfortable.  
I had to lie down for about 30 minutes out of the 90 minutes because I felt like I was going to vomit and then faint.
But i'm going again!  Call me crazy.

I woke up this morning and for the first time got out of the bed without any kind of pain or aches.  My body was like jell-o and all the pains I had yesterday are gone.
Maybe I can even drag Matt to class.  Think I have a chance?
Not to mention it's only $20 for 20 consecutive days.  Steal!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Joel Grimes Is A Nifty Photog


When days don't go as planned and everything seems to just not be going your way, look at a picture of the good things in your life and smile.
One bad day is just a small bump in the road with that stud muffin by my side....even if that bump is caused by that stud muffin.

Game Plan For Today.

1. Ride my bike over to Balboa Island and get a pick-me-up cup of joe to get my day rolling.  Maybe I'll venture out and try some green or white tea since everyone seems to be making the switch.  It's like the latest craze next to switching from blackberry to iPhone.
2. Make sure to text Camilla 100 times and pester her with "Is here there yet?" messages.  Her main squeeze is flying in today and they will reunite after 5 weeks apart.
3. Try to get a hold of this bride who asked me to plan her wedding.  Can't really plan a wedding without the opinion of the bride.
4. Attempt to redeem some miles from Copa Airlines for flying to Costa Rica.  It's like pulling teeth from these people.  Not to mention we waited in a line of 10 people for 90 minutes to check in!  Never take this airline anywhere.
5. Force myself to workout today.  It doesn't really help that the gym is a 15 minute drive from my house.  At least I learned that the key to getting yourself to the gym is all about proximity.  If it's not close you're less likely to get your ass on that elliptical.
6. Sign up for Bikram Yoga.
7. Matt just reminded me that we need to finish our thank you cards from the wedding.  We did such a good job before we left for our honeymoon and got all but 7 done.  Those 7 remaining cards are daunting.
8. And last but not least, smile at least 10 times today and give Matthew lots of kisses.
I figured ending in something positive would makeup for the last 7 to-dos being negative.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello NYC

My new family in NYC!!

The Euro Is Killing Me!


Euro - USD1.2680-0.0029 (-0.23%)
USD - JPY85.2800-0.4800 (-0.56%)
GBP - USD1.5532+0.0001 (0.01%)
CAD - USD0.9510-0.0024 (-0.26%)
USD - HKD7.7745-0.0001 (0.00%)
USD - CNY6.7995+0.0095 (0.14%)
AUD - USD0.8932+0.0012 (0.13%)
Never accept a job in Euros.  

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some New Pictures With Photographer Lesley Pedraza

Such a blast to work with her.  She is such a sweetheart.
Minus the fact I lost a high heel in the forest.

Everyone Has A Favorite Wedding Gift Right?

Or is bad manners to publicly state that you had a favorite gift and then post a blog on what it was?

Who cares.  I'm so excited and happy with this gift I have to tell you about it.

Of course it is completely obvious that it came from the Salem family.

And it's not because Camilla was my Maid of Honor or that I just so happen to really like this family.
Camilla's mom put so much thought and effort into this gift and she is such a talented artist.  She should be doing this as a profession but of course she is being selfish and keeping her special gift to herself.  

Time to share your gift with the world Jody!  

This is a picture of me and Matt in Paris this past Christmas.  We spent a few days there with the Salems and it is possibly one of the most magical trips we have ever been on.  Matt got to see the Eiffel Tower for the first time which was comical because he literally stopped breathing.  But I do have this trip to thank as well as the Salems for the birth of this blog.
So Jody, if I can share my thoughts on the blog like everyone encouraged me to do, it's time for you share your abilities with everyone now as well!
Not to mention I will be one of the first to own a piece of your world famous art!
I mean how often does someone put so much thought and effort and personality into a gift for your wedding.  It wasn't the typical toaster or coffee maker which made this even more special!  I LOVE IT!
Thank you so much Salem Family!  Matteo and I love you guys!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I Did It!

I am already planning my first wedding!  Well second but this one isn't mine!
Lets hope everything goes well!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Was Just Thinking...

....about how unbelievably and how ridiculously perfect my wedding was.  There was not a single thing I would have changed and it makes me so happy to think back on this event and just get giddy inside and want to do it all over again!  

I am starting to think I should just become a wedding coordinator.  It was seriously THAT perfect!

Honeymoons Should Be A Yearly Occurrence

because they are just that amazing!
View from our room

Costa Rica was such a great call on our part.   Minus the fact it was the beginning of rainy season which resulted in lots of relaxing down time, it was one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to.  

It is such a colorful country.  Literally.  Deep shades of green, lush forest melded together with a spectrum of topaz blues which stand as the backdrop to the bright, bold, exotic flowers and surplus of multicolored birds, tree frogs, and butterflies. 

For some reason the color alone excited me; especially on a rainy day where the colors would melt together like a watercolor.  It was so surreal that it was nearly impossible to leave.

Each morning began with an incredible breakfast.  Some local fruit bursting with juices and a cup of the world famous Costa Rican coffee for me while Matt piled his plate with eggs, waffles, fruit, potatoes, and washed it all down with some fresh squeezed orange juice.  As we sat poolside and casually ate our breakfast we would discuss the unlimited amount of possibilities we could do that day.  

We managed to accomplish a lot.  From zip lining, white water rafting, playing with monkeys at Manuel Antonio National Park, to lounging by the pool, walking through a frog and butterfly exhibit and a relaxing couples massage.  I did wish we got a chance to go deep sea fishing and cruise over to Tortuga Island but I guess we'll have to save those for next time we venture down to Costa Rica.

Matt climbing for coconuts

Even though this honeymoon was amazing and as sad as it is to say, if I could plan this trip all over again I would have planned it completely different from what we did.  Yes, I got to spend a week enjoying my husband's company but there is so much more in Costa Rica I would have loved to see and do.  Maybe a couple of different nights in a couple of different places would have done the trick but I definitely know I will be heading back in the near future so there will be a second chance to see and do everything we missed.

* Sorry for the 50 million pictures.  I just think they are so fun!