Saturday, February 2, 2013

Juice Plus

I think the further we get into technology and short cuts and what not, the more we move away from the basics which causes us to move further and further away from our health.
We take diet pills to get skinny
We mass produce foods and use chemicals to make them bigger
We created fast food restaurants because we have become too lazy to cook

in turn

Our medical bills are larger
Cancer is more prevalent
Quality of life and health, sub par
Bode and I have always been huge proponents of eating from the earth and natural and fresh food.  But we have found that while on the road and living on a boat in Southern California, we too are forced to eat out and not as healthy as we normally would.  When we are in New Hampshire, it's so much easier considering Bode has his organic farm and there isn't a restaurant anywhere near home.
So in an effort to continue living our healthy life style, we found Juice Plus.
I can't even begin to tell you how amazed I have been by the positive reactions our bodies and our friends and family's bodies have taken to Juice Plus.
More Energy
Better Digestion
More Sound Sleep
Healthier Skin
(I feel like an infomercial right now)
But I am not even kidding
Even though we think we are eating healthy and getting all of our vitamins from the fruits and veggies we buy in the grocery store, we're not.
Nothing is ever vine ripened that we purchase in the stores which results in a large amount of nutrients being eliminated from our food.
Not to mention the amount of nutrients we lose when we cook our food as well!
Anyways, (just so everyone has an idea what's in these pills) Juice Plus vine ripens all of their fruits, vegetables and berries.  Once everything has fully ripened, the entire fruit is turned into a juice and then placed into a 105 degree oven to slowly dehydrate.  This temperature is ideal because it eliminates the sugars, salt and gluten all while maintaining the integrity of the vitamins and enzymes that our bodies need for a raw diet.
It's straight, organic produce via a couple pills.
Plus, it's the only pill that has a nutrition label instead of a supplement label.
It's the new daily vitamin.  The new prenatal vitamin.
It's pretty much the key to health while living in such an unhealthy society.
One of the coolest facts that I have been most impressed by is that the pill doesn't need to be digested, it goes straight into our blood stream, so it has been super beneficial for people with Crohn's disease.
I really encourage everyone to try it and read up on it.
I'm literally in love.
And, I can't believe we are doing this and we have been getting some pretty funny phone calls, but to learn more, you need to call Bode.
I'll have my sticks ready to beat off those crazy women
+1 (508) 565 8270
You can also order using the link to my personal Juice Plus page on the right of your screen.