Sunday, April 17, 2011

So here's the deal,
I love it here!
I don't want to leave.
I'm sad that the season is almost over because that means my life in Puerto Rico is coming to a close.
You obviously can see why it's upsetting to leave this place.  The pictures show only a small fraction of the beauty on this island.
For some reason, the sunny beaches alone make me overwhelmingly happy.  I can hardly handle my giddiness and actually find it incredibly obnoxious.
I'm thinking a super dose of sun and beaches, which can only be accomplished on a cruise around all the islands in the Caribbean, is definitely and must do before I head back to reality in sunny Southern California.  Not like Southern California is that large a dose of reality either.
Nonetheless, for all my friends and family who have been worrying about me, just wanted to let you know that I'm doing great.
But it would sure be nice if you all came to visit me!

When God created breakfast for athletes, this is what he made....
So now that I have discovered this little secret recipe for a low carb, high protein, incredibly filling and overly satisfying, HEALTHY breakfast, I decided it would only be fair to share it with all of you.

2 spoons full of nonfat cottage cheese
3 egg whites
1/2 pack of instant oatmeal

Set the pan on LOW heat.  I know you're overly excited to make these, but these puppies will burn!
Mix all ingredients together.
Pam your pan.
Pour on your batter and watch the magic happen.
It is time to flip when they are puffy.
Don't jump the gun either!

Makes 4-5 Pancakes.

I added bananas and sugar free raspberry Jam since it's a game day for me but they are also good with some fresh blueberry puree or even plain.

You can thank me later.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I got this beauty on my birthday last Wednesday (3/30).
It was quite a doozy.
Grade 2 Sprain plus a bone contusion.
It has been a royal pain in my ass rehabbing this baby three times a day so I can come back strong and finish this season on a great note.
It's obviously not 100% healed but tonight is our first playoff match so I am hoping it holds strong and my hard work will pay off.  Now let's hope it continues to heal and my cankle reduces in size.  It's somewhat depressing/amusing trying to put my shoes on and having the laces not be long enough to tie around this beast.

Wish Llaneras luck tonight!!!
5 games in the next 9 days is going to require some serious well wishes sent our way.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

We have officially qualified for the playoffs!!!
This means that my stay here is now extended for at least another month and I couldn't be more thrilled about it.
My roommates and I thought this was definitely grounds for a celebration/reward, so we spent the following day swinging through the rain forest of Puerto Rico via zip lining!

Watch out Puerto Rico!
Llaneras is going all the way!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Puerto Rico is Perfect!
I honestly don't have anything bad to say which is actually pretty amazing considering my negative nancy attitude lately.
I could go without the insurmountable number of dead iguanas on the side of the road or the fried food that clogs an artery the moment it enters your mouth, but it's all part of the experience. 
The weather here is so much fun.
Most days are sunny and fantastically perfect but others have sudden onsets of monsoon rains which have resulted in Golf Course Slip & Slide with trash bag unitards and a gallon of liquid soap along with our beautiful four story home turning into a scene from Jumanji.
This comparison is not to be taken lightly.
Not only did the first and second floor of our home acquire 5 inches of water, but we also had the Amazon River shooting down our stairs along with two back breaking waterfalls coming over the balcony into the family room (thankfully the whole house is tile).
It was amazing!
I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time.
Not to mention, this flood couldn't have come at a more perfect time.  
Three days previous to this event, we had minor difficultly with our downstairs toilet.  
Anytime a toilet from the rest of the house was flushed, a shower was taken, or laundry was done, all water would travel down to the guest toilet and proceed to overflow into the family room ultimately resulting in two days of the entire downstairs floor being flooded with turd floating, fowl smelling, sewage water.
Leave it to me to be the retard in flip flops, treading through the kitchen while making pancakes for breakfast as poop and toilet paper floated past.
I offered to make some for the rest of the house but appetites were severely diminished.
I don't think my jokes about fresh "chocolate chips" helped.
So after this little incident, we managed to get the toilet fixed and the house drained, but never got a chance to seriously scrub the floors.
Needless to say, our floors are spotless now!