Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm So Excited

Because Camilla comes down tomorrow!!!

Oh and only a week until my wedding....minor detail

Friday, July 23, 2010

Timeless and Beautiful

I went over to my mother's friends place yesterday to see this collection of perfume bottles her friend had put together over the years.

On the drive over my mom was telling me how she had her entire house renovated in order to install display cases for her perfume bottles and the bottles ranged in price from $2,000 to $25,000.
First thought that crossed my mind, "what a nut job!"
1. Why would you renovate your house to display perfume bottles?
2. Why would you spend an ungodly amount of money for such a pointless object?

After about 30 minutes of turning down every wrong street trying to find the home that held these perfume bottles I was even more frustrated by the fact that I decided to tag along to see something that I was so disinterested in.

But I must admit, when I walked into this self constructed museum of colorful, delicate, and intricate designs that held some of the most fascinating stories from as far back as the 1600's, I was awe struck.
This woman had to have had thousands of bottles all categorized by their color all over her house.
Some of the bottles still had perfume in them!

All the colors and pretty little feminine designs started to make me wish I had thousands of pretty little bottles to put around my house.  I even went so far as to buy one from her to start my own little collection even though my first antique perfume bottle purchase will probably be my last.
Definitely worth the trip.


I got the Pacific Life Commercial!!!


Heading up to LA today for a fitting and then shooting this weekend.  I wonder what volleyball has to do with a whale?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"I Want A Puppy!"

Matt: "NO WAY!"

Anyone have any way for me to convince Matt otherwise?  He is so stinkin' cute and his name is Levi!!

However, Matt seems to forget he said "NO WAY" about Olive and now he's madly in love with our little kitty cat.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Send The Good Vibes My Way

I got a call back today for a Pacific Life commercial.  I am really really hoping I get this job so send some well wishes and good luck vibes my way please.

People Have NO Manners These Days

So this irritation started on Saturday when I attended Paul and Kristy's wedding.  They put together such a beautiful event and people that RSVP'ed "yes" didn't even show up!  Their loss because they missed the really cool mariachi band.

Paul and Kristy
Anyways, Matt and I were sitting at a table for 10 and there were only 4 of us sitting there!!! 
"HOW RUDE!" I thought as I tried not to panic about my wedding.

My panic still has not subsided due to the fact that the Manhattan 6 Man is taking place the day of my wedding...
....and no I'm not that idiotic to plan my wedding on the biggest debauchery of the year.  The idiots that plan this event changed the date on me and just so happened to switch it to the day of my wedding.  And no, my friends haven't taken too kindly to the fact that they will have to miss the one weekend a year we all look forward to.
So as you may have observed from the picture above, the probability of people "bailing" on the wedding is at a much higher rate than that of Paul and Kristy's wedding weekend.

Subject #2 that makes me feel people these days have ZERO manners.  Our wedding is taking place in 11 days and we are still receiving RSVP's in the mail.  The RSVP deadline was June 30th.  Up until a week ago we still had 40 people who had yet to RSVP!!!!



Monday, July 19, 2010

Lazy Mondays

I think I might head over to Dad's to get myself one of these frozen bananas.  They are so good!
Overcast skies and a little breeze
nothing to do
a little bored
counting down the days until my wedding
already cleaned the casa
and by cleaned I mean went crazy and comet'ed the sinks and counters, vacuumed and then put resolve on all spots on the carpet and scrubbed, purged and got rid of all unnecessary items which makes me want to have an amazing garage sale (I think I am getting rid of about 25 purses), cleaned anything that should show a reflection, did the dishes, cleaned the cat box, and then topped everything off with a nice layer of febreeze.
Now if only I would take a shower

6 days until Camilla comes down!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wedding Fever

Matt and I went to a wedding last night and our friend's 9 year old son decided to dress up like an Arab spy and sneak all over the room holding his imaginary sniper.  He then proceeded to start the entire dance party by casually walking out onto the dance floor and doing the worm across all 57 feet of the dance platform.

Minus watching the somewhat terrified guests avoid this little boy, I got really excited for my wedding.  Just watching the bride walk down the isle and the poor groom fidget with nervousness made me SO EXCITED!!  13 more days until I get to do it myself.

You know what comes after Wedding Fever?!?


Friday, July 16, 2010

Gel Manicures

Are Amazing and highly recommended!

I will never paint my nails again. Who wants my case of about 50 OPI nail polishes? They need to go to a good home.

I Can't Find My Kitty

I'm starting to get really worried.

Olive, if you're reading this come home please

Short Lived Victory

is the worst.

My beach partner, Kiley Hall, and I played in an AVP qualifier this morning which started off amazing minus the rain at the beginning. We crushed the first team we played and were all smiles laughing and jumping around back to the main board to see who we played next.


Such a bummer.

And now I'm home on my sofa.

Losing is never fun but I guess the bright side is that we now know who we have to beat to get into the main draw.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Strike A Pose

I have been loving my job!
It's so much fun being in front of a camera with such energetic photographers who make you laugh and smile.

I just had a shoot with the photographer Vince Trupsin. He was so much fun and so creative. His vision was incredible but really different from what I normally do and I, surprisingly, really loved what I got back.

Here are a few shots from the shoot with Vince.

Stay tuned for more coming from the most recent shoot with Lesley Pedraza. These new ones should be AWESOME!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Work Out Video

Too Fast. Too Furious.

Wanna Race?

I want to go do this again. Any takers?

Such A Rough Life

Balboa Peninsula aka: Paradise
Matt and I decided to go for a little bike ride tonight and the ride around Newport Beach made me realize how stinkin' lucky I am.

So first off, let me tell you the story about our new bikes. Newport Beach is a complete and total war zone for the Fourth of July so Matt and I taxied over to the Peninsula to avoid all traffic jams and unnecessary problems. However our thought process wasn't quite thoughtful enough and completely overlooked the fact that we would ultimately have to walk roughly 123 blocks throughout the day. So to make a long story short we bought each other beach cruisers as our wedding gifts to each other.
Dubbed Giant Purple People Eater and Black Mamba
I mean who needs jewelry when you can have a beach cruiser which only results in more time spent with hubby Matt?

So back to the story about Matt and I taking our new beach cruisers out for a spin this evening. For any of you who know Newport Beach, we rode down onto Balboa Island and stopped at Starbucks then cruised over to the Balboa Island Ferry which took us across to the Newport Peninsula.

On the Balboa Ferry (looking very tan)

From there we cruised all the way up the Peninsula to Pacific Coast Highway and then down PCH back to our digs right on the water. It was so warm and clearly gorgeous and a great way to let go of all wedding garBAGE.

I will end with this...


VitaCoco OUT. Gerber Baby Food IN!!!

Diets are so boring so I figured I would mix it up a little and go back to the beginning of time when you were forced to eat healthy.


I mean they didn't start feeding you cheese burgers and fries when you were born. You got veggies and fruit in a blender. They taste amazing (especially the raspberry and banana) and they are healthy. Such a great snack!

Call me crazy but I think it's brilliant.

This Stuff Tastes Like Caca

Straight poop in a cardboard container. It tastes like saline nasal spray.

I was inspired by Jessica Simpson's attempt to go on a VITACOCO diet.

Worst. Choice. Ever.

Just in case anyone wanted my honest opinion....

I'm Still Here!!!

These are totally hot right?!?!

Wedding plans have consumed my every day life, my dreams, and are intertwined into all of my thoughts. So for any of you who have maintained a job, planned a wedding, AND blogged.....I COMMEND YOU!

So the groomsmen's ties came in!!! I was so excited only to open the box to the wrong color ties!!
Most would think the solution to this would be new ties?!?! For any normal size person this would be a super quick fix but unfortunately these ties were custom ordered for the massively large friends Matt is having as groomsmen. IT TOOK 2 MONTHS TO GET THESE TIES IN!
I had two options...

1. Sit down on the middle of the floor in Nordstrom and cry hysterically


2. Frantically start looking for new ties

Clearly an emotional scene was not what I wanted to go for even though my eyes were welling up with tears so I reluctantly took a deep breath and began my hunt for the perfect shade of plum.
I think I have purchased about 24 ties and brought them home to match with the bridesmaid's dresses. And you think matching a purple would be easy? Guess again. Out of the dozens of ties I have bought, I have had NO luck. No matter what way I switch the light or turn the flash on and off on my camera, none of them seem to be just right.

Side Note (and point of the picture): Anyone else think spanx are super sexy? I tried them on for my fiance and he ran in the other direction?! I strongly believe they are one of the greatest inventions ever!!! And for you men you have cringed at the thought of high-waisted, inevitable camel toe, spandex tummy tucks.... give a girl a break!