Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm Nervous

I don't know if I am going to get in trouble for saying this, but I am so excited for Hurricane Sandy.
Like nervous excitement.
I know it will probably devastate many people, maybe even myself, but there is just something so incredibly awesome about Mother Nature kicking ass (until it kicks your ass, i'm sure).

Driving home this morning after squeezing in 9 holes of golf, leaves were beginning to bounce across the completely abandoned roads and it made my tummy do flip flops.  Now i'm sitting on the sofa and watching the trees bounce around and sway in the wind and the leaves on our potted plants are beginning to vibrate quicker and quicker.
The skies look angry too which is making the hairs on my arms stand up.
In California, our storms are comparatively mild from what all these New Hampshire folks are saying about Sandy which is only building my excitement.
I can't wait to hunker down and watch this show take place.  It's almost like a firework finale but for hours on end.
The California kid in me (which normally just prepared for rainy days) is saying,
"I can't wait to play board games and drink hot chocolate and watch mooooooviesss and cuddle with my kitty."
But the naive adult part of me is saying,
"Oh Sh*t Morgan, get ready to flip on your survival mode.  You might have to save the world tonight."
And the competitive athlete in me is saying,
even though I know I don't stand a chance and also knowing that Mother Nature is not to be tempted because if challenged, she usually brings it extra hard.

But nonetheless, I hope everyone stays safe.

I Think I Could Get A Little More Sappy

I feel like every morning I wake up to new adventures and exciting events and before I even get a chance to sit down at my computer to write down all my thoughts and experiences, I am getting pulled out the door and into the day.  I am certainly not complaining but I do wish I was more diligent about my postings.  It's so fun for me to reflect and share this real life movie I'm living.

Sölden, Austria might be one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.  I look back on the trip and all I can imagine is some overly dramatized love story.  Probably because I am a newlywed and I seem to romanticize every event but it went something like this......

I willingly fell victim to the speed and grace of our Audi as it sped through the snaking roads that cut through the mountain sides of Austria.  For miles, all I could see were waterfalls cascading down the violent cliffs into the vast openness of lush green fields.  Cows and goats casually grazed as soft white smoke gently rolled out of the chimneys of the modest wood homes.  Driving through what seemed to be a postcard, my attention was still fixed to the power underneath me.  To the aggression, the thrill and the man driving it all. Soft blue eyes hidden behind chiseled features and the shadow of week old scruff.  With hands wrapped around the wheel, he lead the adventure; he created the excitement.  He tamed the wild roads as though a knight would a dragon, with ease and precision. 

Yeah....that's exactly how I remember it.

Other than that daily occurrence, Bode taught me how to ski again which was so fun! We got to play some indoor volleyball with the rest of the ski team and we ate as much wiener schnitzel as we could get our hands on.

I'm sad we had to leave but I am so happy to be home.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Could Be Totally Wrong

And I most likely am....
But I started using this product called Cocoa Via.  They sent Bode this giant box of these packs that provide you with cocoa flavanols which are supposed to make you happy and healthy?
Well guess what?
I'm so flippin happy and my body feels amazing.
I have more energy and everything just seems to be working better.
But the true reason that I really like it, is that I have been losing weight ever since I started using it.  I don't know if it's because my insides are just working better or if the tangy goodness which makes me happy melts the extra lbs off.......
or it could just be that my volleyball season ended and my muscle is rapidly diminishing......
Hmmmmm, nope, I'm still giving the credit to the Cocoa Via....
But my point is, 
Especially for breakfast or dessert.  I mix it with some nonfat greek yogurt and load it with berries and it's the most satisfying treat ever!  They also have a chocolate flavor which I haven't tried yet.  I can't seem to think of a good way to use it.  Plus it makes me nervous that after tasting the chocolate, it's going to make me crave more chocolate.
I kind of want other people to try it and let me know if they get the same results.
Until then, I'm going to enjoy getting skinny!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Morgan Miller

I am kind of obsessed with my new name.....narcissistic? Definitely.
Morgan Miller
It has a nice ring to it.
Simple. Sophisticated.
....and it reminds me of Marisa Miller....
no relation
(for those of you who can't follow bad humor or don't know me, that's a joke)
I know my posts are all out of sorts and in no particular order but sometimes I just get so caught up in life that I forget about some little events that happen.
Liiiiikkkeeeee I got married almost two weeks ago!
It was perfect.
Everything about it.
Simple, quiet, beautiful.
I didn't have to go around and talk to all our guests (we didn't have any)
Our food was delicious and not the standard steak or chicken.
Our wedding cake was homemade by me and my bestest Camilla (it turned out tasting more like dry cornbread. I loved it!)
Our officiant almost died on our watch in the middle of the ring part of the ceremony and followed it up with a letter a few days later which included
1. A request of a tour of the boat
2. Apologizing for the "intrusion" with his almost sudden heart attack
3. Informing us he was a bee keeper
4. Asking if he left his glasses
(in that order)
But nonetheless, he was fantastic.
My adorable husband even made me my bridal bouquet.
After we ate and took pictures, we then curled up on the sofa to watch Sunday football and fell asleep by 9.
It was the most perfect wedding day ever!
No fuss, lots of love and no stress.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hello From Sölden, Austria

I just spent 5 minutes on the internet learning how to do an umlaut over my O.
I care that much.
Bode, Harper and I arrived in Munich, Germany two days ago.  The trip, per usual, was full of snafus.  I am starting to feel that if we don't encounter multiple issues, then something is really wrong.
But with good must come bad so I view it's opposition as our standard.....with bad, must come good.
And did GOOD come!!!
I mean not just good, 
or as the Europeans would say...
SUPER! (pronounced SOUP-AIR)

Audi gave us the most beautiful S6 Wagon which is perfect for...

1. Our 6 giant bags
2. The windy roads through all these mountains
3. The autobahn with NO SPEED LIMIT!!!! (And having a racer as a husband, he clearly has a need for speed)

After two hours of breaking in our new whip, we arrived at our accomodations in Sölden, Austria (notice the umlaut).  
Das Central was so welcoming.  We walked into our gorgeous room which had champagne and strawberries displayed on the table and an adorable card congratulating us on our marriage.  They even set up a bed with a water dish for little miss Harper.  She is so spoiled!

I can't wait to do a little more exploring.
Stay tuned for stories and pictures of our adventures!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I completely forgot to do a little recap on the end of my season.
Huntington was crap so I didn't want to write anything about it.  I was sad and upset and it was such a horrible way to end my season.  
Luckily, I got a second chance to finish my play in 2012 on a high note in an even better tournament.
This past weekend, I got to play with Summer Ross in the NORCECA in Chula Vista.
No one should be fooled by this 6 foot 3 inch, 19 year old girl's 102 lb frame.  
She is unreal! 
Like unassumingly bad ass at this sport and she is so much fun to play with!  
All three days of playing with her were fun and we laughed and we kicked some serious booty.
After only practicing once together, we beat Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, USA 2, Canada and then lost in the finals to USA 1.
Obviously making it to finals and losing sucks but it was a blast.
With a silver in my pocket, I can close out this season with a huge smile on my face and some new found excitement to begin my 2013 season!

October Already?

Where has this year gone?
I'm still in shock 2012 is coming to a close considering it's sunny and we are still enduring the unwavering heat.
(side note: i'm sitting here listening to baby potatoes on Cartoon Network sing "small potatoes" over and over and over and over again.  It's a catchy tune so I know it's going to be stuck in my head later today while i'm grocery shopping.)
Anyways, this next month is going to be amazing!
I have so many things to look forward to...
1. My parents are coming out for my good friend's wedding and are coming to see the boat for the first time.
2. My dad's 71st birthday
3. Bode's 35th birthday
4. Beginning to travel for Bode's season
5. The beginning of my offseason
6. Spice lattes from Starbucks
7. Uggs and leggings
8. Camilla and Damir are coming down. 
9. Pumpkin carving

It's going to be a pretty eventful month!