Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bode and I made it back safe and sound.
Even though this trip was for work, we had so much fun just getting away.
A majority of the time I was in bed.  
This process has been not only emotionally draining but physically draining and terrifying as well.  I convinced myself I was dying a few times.
In my mind I just kept thinking, "there is NO WAY this process is normal."
Well, guess is.

One of the few nights we were there, Bode and I felt it was necessary to continue to live life.
To have some fun.
To make each other smile.
So, after much encouraging on Bode's part, he managed to drag me down to a little restaurant called "The Velvet room."
Dark red, crushed velvet.
We opened some wine and laughed and ate some absolutely terrible food.
We then thought going to a bar for some drinks to just unwind would be an evening well spent.  So off we went, down the streets of Kitzb├╝hel over to some little hole in the wall bar.  Bode even opted to take the challenge of teaching me how to play pool.
We laughed, we drank (probably a little too much), we danced all over the bar (and by danced I mean shook our bodies to the beat of the song that played previously to the one we were actually dancing to), we attempted to play pool against some locals who were grateful to be done due to my unsportsmanlike behavior.  I thought shimmying behind the hole they were aiming for would help their focus.  And the best part was that Bode and I were the only two in the bar for a majority of the night.  I think we scared everyone else away.
Needless to say, we spent the next day in bed reminiscing of a fantastic night and laughing.
It was so great to just distract ourselves from the sadness we have been feeling.
Even though I still sob at the sight or sound of a baby, I just remind myself that life and happiness is still very much in my blood and my heart.  My spirit is not broken.  Plus, I have my best friend with me every day.
Just some more reassurance that we are okay.

to everyone who has been there to keep picking us back up.
We are so lucky for the people who have been so kind and shared their wisdom and love.