Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm sitting on a plane tens of thousands of feet up in the air.  
That's one thing in my life that hasn't changed.  I still frequent airports more often than I do my own bed.  
I left Beaver Creek this morning around 4:30 am and headed down to Denver to catch my flight to Phoenix.  It was so hard to peel my husbands arms from around my body and scoot out of the warm bed.  I didn't think I had that much will power.  Needless to say, regretfully, I am sitting on this plane headed to Phoenix instead of enjoying the rest of the festivities in Beaver Creek.
Not to mention I am a little bit sad because I will be away from Bode for 30 hours!
It's pretty much the longest we've been apart in months.
Shit, 3 hours is pretty much the longest we've been apart.
Pathetic, I know.  But i'm already so excited to see him tomorrow.  I've been plotting in my head how I will successfully jump into his arms tomorrow without knocking him over.  So far i've failed with every mental game plan of keeping him in an upright position.
(get your mind out of the gutter)
So why is it so important that I leave early?
Bode and I have decided to do a health and wellness retreat down in Sedona, AZ.  It's called Grace Grove.  Some friends raved about their experience and said it was life changing.  Not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Quite honestly, I'm terrified.  I already feel way too vulnerable just being on this plane.  It's like i'm one step closer to fully committing to bearing my soul to people I have never met with the hopes of…….I don't even know.
So again, here's to new life experiences and throwing my arms up in the air with a "here goes nothing" attitude.
Grace Grove, show me what you've got.

Oh yeah, and Happy December!