Monday, December 3, 2012

No makeup.  Sweats. Wet hair.
This has been my kind of place.  I have slowly come into my own at Grace Grove and have tried to experience each lesson coming in as raw as I can.  
Let me tell you something, being raw sucks.  
It's hard. 
I cry. 
I'm scared. 
I have to face so many internal and emotional issues that I have tried to push away for years.  
But it's empowering.
And it's real.
So now it's day two and I feel some clarity.
I'm hungry, that's no doubt, but I feel lighter (emotionally)
or because part of this journey includes multiple colonics.
TMI, I know.
But I've left baggage at doors and I've gotten perspective.
I feel braver and happier.....
Like truly happy.  It's no longer a choice.  It just is.
And I am so incredibly grateful to get to go through this experience with Bode.
Life right now, is beautiful.